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This landmark high mesa ranch on historic (circa 1889), trout-rich Gurley Reservior is in real ranch country just 45 minutes from the Telluride ski slopes, accessible year-round by good paved roads from Norwood, 7 miles north.

We offer 40 carefully planned ranch sites on 500 acres of gentle pine, aspen and oak covered hillsides along western shore of our 300-acre lake, each site offering grand panoramic views across the lake and our private 800-acre elk reserve, to the snow-capped peaks around Telluride. The elk reserve, adjoining miles of public lands in wild and scenic Beaver Canyon, permanently protects the spectacular views from our ranch sites and provides a unique private recreation area for Gurley Lake Ranch owners and their families, as well as critical habitat for elk and mule deer.

Most building sites nestle in groves of aspen or towering stands of ancient ponderosa pine. Horses are welcom. Fishing and boating are great. The ranch offers unlimited riding, camping, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling and skiing opportunities. Nearby Norwood has good restaurants and is a popular equestrian center.

Our ranch offers a unique and affordable alternative to the busy high-priced resort atmosphere of Telluride. We embrace a mountain ranch lifestyle that is real and comfortable and in tune with natures's clock, where your neighbors are still working ranchers and the deer, elk and eagles call your backyard home.

Ranch sites 5 to 35 acres


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Gurley Lake Ranch Owners Association

The Gurley Lake Ranch Owners Association is a Colorado non-profit corporation, of which all Gurley Lake Ranch lot owners are members. The purpose of the association is to maintain and protect the common areas, interests and integrity of the development. The association is managed by a Board of Directors, comprised of five Gurley Lake Ranch lot owners who are elected at the annual meeting. The Gurley Lake Ranch Owners Association has two operating committees appointed by the Board; The Architectural Review Committee and the Open Space Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee reviews plans for houses, fencing, roads, landscaping and other property improvements to keep construction activity on Gurley Lake Ranch consistent with the Restrictions and Design Standards. The Open Space Committee manages Gurley Lake and the common open space in the community. It makes recommendations on fishing, habitat management, trails and recreational use of the open space.

Each property owner is required to pay annual dues, which shall be used exclusively for its operating expenses, and to promote the recreation opportunities, health, safety and welfare of the residents in the Gurley Lake Ranch, and for the improvement and maintenance of the streets, and common areas owned by the association, which include private roads, boat launch, lake access easement and the Gurley Elk Reserve.

Gurley Lake Ranch Design Standards
2010GLR Gurley Lake Ranch Owners Association Budget and Officer Information 2010





GLR Filing I CC&R 1 18 96
GLR Filing II CC&R 8 01 97
GLR10.23.06 GLR Filing II - CC & R Ammendment 1 - 10.23.06
GLR Quit Claim Showroom Waterway 6 23 98
GLR Lot 1&2 Replat 9 25 01
GLR Quit Claim Showman Replat 7 30 03
GLR Affidavit of Correction Lot 28 4 02 03
Trail System Agreement 2 07 07
GLR Quit Claim 2 14 07




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