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North Gurley Reserve

Irrigated, High Mesa Horse Ranches

Gurley Canyon Ranch offers horse-loving outdoor families a rare oppportunity to own an irrigated mountain ranch homestead in a secure equestrian community near Telluride at yesterday's prices.

Bring your horse and embrace the mountain-west lifestyle of our high mesa ranches. Enjoy the spectacular mountain views, lush irrigated meadows, friendly neighbors and abundant wildlife: come ride the private Gurley Trail that stretches 10 miles through some of Colorado's most scenic and wildlife-rich ranch country. Pack your rod and lunch and enjoy horseback trout fishing in Gurley Lake.

Gurley Canyon Ranch is only 5 miles south of Norwood on Lone Cone Road with easy year-round access. Norwood, the spirited center of Wright's Mesa's ranching community, offers excellent services, schools and restaurants.

Wright's Mesa, where doors are rarely locked, is home to a friendly blend of cowboys and ranchers along with artists, craftsmen and a wide range of professional people. Telluride is a scenic 45 minute drive along the trout rich San Miguel River.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to own a mountain ranch homestead in our secure equestrian community at pre-resort prices.



Gurley Canyon Ranch Owners Association

The Gurley Canyon Ranch Owners Association is a Colorado non-profit corporation, of which all Gurley Canyon Ranch lot owners are members. The purpose of the association is to maintain and protect the common areas, interests and integrity of the development. The association managed by a Board of Directors, comprised of three Gurley Canyon Ranch lot owners who are elected at the annual meeting. The Gurley Canyon Ranch Owners Association has two operating committees appointed by the Board; The Architectural Review Committee and the Open Space, Trail and Irrigation Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee reviews plans for houses, fencing, driveways, landscaping and other property improvements to keep construction activity on Gurley Canyon Ranch consistent with the Restrictions and Design Standards. The Open Space, Trail and Irrigation Committee manages the trails, roads, irrigation and the common open space in the community. It makes recommendations on habitat management, roads, trails and recreational use of the open space.

Each lot owner is required to pay annual dues, which shall be used exclusively for common operating expenses, the creation of reasonable reserves for things such as (i) supplemental snow removal expenses in above average snowfall years and (ii) supplemental road repair expenses in case of inclement weather; to promote the recreation opportunities, health, safety and welfare of the residents in the Gurley Canyon Ranch; and for the improvement and maintenance of the streets, irrigation systems, open space, riding and hiking trails owned or maintained by the association.

Summation of Gurley Canyon Ranch Design Standards
Gurley Canyon Ranch Design Standards
2011NGR Gurley Canyon Ranch Budget and Officer Information 2011




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Gurley Canyon Ranch Owners Association





GCR CC&R 1 24 06
GCR Amendment #1 3 23 06
GCR Action without MeetingClason 4 19 06
Trail System Agreement 2 07 07




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